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Everyone is welcome to attend our Services and Assemblies.

Services・Prayer Gatherings

[ Sunday Services ]

Learning from the Bible and praising God together.

Time : Every Sunday from 10:20 AM
Place : The Sanctuary

(Holy Communion held 1st Sunday of each month)

[ Kodomo no Kyoukai (Church for Children) ]

Easy to understand Bible stories will be taught, as well as the singing of hymns together.
After worship, children will separate into classes (classes will have activities such as, handcrafts, games or discussions).
Adults may also attend children’s worship or classes, and parents are welcome to join with their children.

Time : Every Sunday from 9:15 AM

(A joint service is held on the first Sunday of each month in the Sanctuary on the 2nd floor)

[ Meeting for Bible and Prayer ]

Study the Bible with easy to understand explanation.

Time : Every Wednesday from 7:30 PM
Place : The Sanctuary

Various Study Sessions

[ Meeting for Seekers (for those interested in learning more about Christianity) ]

Easy to understand explanation about Christianity will be given after Sunday Service for persons new to the church.

Time : The 3rd Sunday after the Service
(about 30 minutes).
Place : Chapel Hall

[ The Bethany Group ]

A confirmation class for baptized members, within 5 years of baptism, offering guidance about the Christian life.

Time : 1st Sunday after the Service.
Place : Chapel Hall

[ Sunday Bible Class ]

Time : 2nd Sunday after the Service.
Place : Chapel Hall

Other Meetings and Groups

[ Women’s Club ] : 2nd Thursday 10:30 AM~Noon

[ Men’s Club ] : As announced.

[ Bible Reading Circle ] : Every week after Service.

[ The Choir ] :
Hymn practice after Services and praise within Services.

[ Home Meeting ] :
3rd Thursday of each month, Wakaba-cho

[ Hosanna Group ] :
Hymn practice after Services. Praise at Easter, Pentecost and Christmas Assemblies.

[ Boy Scout Chofu 6th Division ]

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