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Sengawa Church is affiliated with The United Church of Christ in Japan.

The United Church of Christ in Japan is a Protestant church, which has its roots in the Reformation movement of the 16th century in central Europe.

Worship Services are held every Sunday morning from 10:20 AM.

Anyone is welcome to attend.
Also, for children and junior to high school students, we have a Service of “Kodomo no Kyoukai” (Church for Children) every Sunday, from 9:15 AM.

When you join us for worship, please come to the 2nd floor and register at the reception counter located at the entrance of the Sanctuary.

After registration, an usher will guide you to your seat.
After being seated, please enjoy the calm quiet of the sanctuary until the start of the worship service.
At the reception counter you will find this week’s bulletin for the Service, as well as Bibles and Hymnals. Please feel free to use these for worship and do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

A message to Visitors from the Pastor

Welcome to Sengawa Church.

Sengawa church was founded to proclaim the Gospel “To the Ends of the World.” The Protestant Reformation of the 16th century informs the faith of our church. We honor the Holy Bible as the foundation of our faith. Sengawa Church was established on October 3rd, 1965. Since then we have become rooted in our community as a “church of warmth and peace” holding Services each Sunday to praise God, together with young children to older adults. Everyone is welcome to attend our Services and Meetings. I sincerely look forward to seeing you at our church !

Hajime Ogushi Pastor of Sengawa Church

【Profile of Pastor Hajime Ogushi】
After graduation from Tokyo Union Theological Seminary, Pastor Ogushi served as Preacher at Higashinakadoori Church in Niigata Prefecture. Further study was done at Bonn University in Germany (The Faculty of Protestant Theology; in Old Testament) under a scholarship from the NCC (National Christian Council of Japan) and the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD, Evangelische Kirche in Deuschland). Pastor Ogushi serves as pastor of Sengawa Church and as director of the church’s Kindergarten. He serves as Professor of Old Testament Theology at Japan Lutheran College and Japan Lutheran Theological Seminary. In addition, he serves as a member of the Japan Bible Society’s Committee for Bible Translation (Old Testament), which is working on a new Japanese translation of the Bible.

Books : "Blessing and Prayer", "Message" (a collection of sermons)
Co-Works : "Charisma and Kerygma-A Guide to the Prophetic Literature" (Kyobunkan)
Translations : "Jeremiah"(Shinkyo Shuppan), "Ausgewaehlte Psalmen"(Kyobunkan),
"Exodus Interpretation Bible Studies"(UCCJ Shupankyoku), etc.

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